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Philanthropy Supporting Positive Social Change

Over the past 90 years the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation has been at the forefront of responding to community need.
Today, we continue with this tradition but also aspire to contributing to positive social change within the community.
Our work continues to evolve and is becoming more aligned with the principles of social change philanthropy.
Social change philanthropy focuses on the root causes of social, economic and environmental injustices; includes people impacted by injustices as decision-makers; and makes philanthropy more accessible and diverse. Foundations also become more accountable, transparent and response in their grantmaking.
One of the ways we plan to contribute to social change is by adopting a more targeted granting program.
We aim to provide life opportunities, promote social inclusion and cohesion, build company resources and improve quality of life within the community. Our grants program focuses on six key Impact Areas of Ageing, Homelessness, Youth, Community & Preventative Health, Arts & Heritage and the Environment.
The granting program continues to support small organisations requiring material aid and small infrastructure as well as through the Survive & Thrive and Capacity Building granting programs.
It also provides opportunities for innovative organisations to explore ideas and test new service models within our six key Impact Areas. With this granting approach, we will support organisations or projects that intend to facilitate real change in people facing social and economic disadvantage.
To learn more about our model of social change philanthropy, please contact our grants team on 9633 0021.


Current Grant Rounds:

Further information in relation to next year's Grants Program will be available in March.